Singapore Emcee

Joe Augustin

Joe Augustin is a professional Master of Ceremoniesfrom Singapore with more than 35 years of experience.

Joe is a renowned entertainer with a deep understanding of the business objectives behind corporate functions and events.

When you organise an event, there is a lot riding on the success of it.

These events could be anything from grand multi-day affairs all the way to the more nuanced, intimate occasion. But as always, the secret to the success of any event is in the details. The tone, tempo and timing of the program are critical. And these are where Joe Augustin really shines. You can depend on Joe to keep your event on message, on track and on time.

The Emcee You Can Absolutely RELY On

For more than a third of a century, the world’s leading companies have called on the services of Joe Augustin – a Singapore-based emcee, to act as an emcee and moderator to deliver their program from stage and now on-line. Joe is the emcee that event organisers can count on to make an impression without going overboard.