The Smarter Emcee

Emcees are critical.

When the world’s largest companies create events to honor their best performers and most important business partners, they are grand affairs. International entertainment acts are booked for the event, marquees built in exotic locations and private fireworks displays arranged.

Needless to say, everything has to go off smoothly. The event management company runs multi-page spreadsheets with hundreds of cues. And that is where the master of ceremonies  comes in. Like the conductor of an orchestra, the host brings in all the various elements that make the symphony that is your event.

For years , companies like Citibank, General Motors and J P Morgan have chosen a Singapore emcee with 25 years of professional stage experience as a compere – one who has helped a myriad of clients put their best foot forward. Someone they knew they could rely on to make an impression without going overboard.

They chose Joe Augustin.

Joe has been the master of ceremonies for nearly 200 multi-national corporations, organizations and government agencies who sought his ability to steer their events to a rousing success.

The combination of his personality and his presence of mind ensures that the events he hosts not only run like clockwork, but are also memorable. His media experience adds yet another dimension to his skills as an emcee – he is one of the few comperes in the business who are always mindful of putting the clients interests first.

Whether it’s a corporate launch, a formal awards ceremony or a convention, Joe Augustin will help you put your best foot forward.

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