A World Class Master Of Ceremonies



An emcee with more than 25 years experience is rare. An emcee with class, even more so. Hi there, I’m Joe Augustin, most recently, the co-host of the Mike And Joe Xperiment (MJX) on Gold 905 (arguably Singapore’s most genuinely funny morning show). And now the producer of Singapore’s leading podcasts.

When government agencies, foreign embassies and the world’s largest companies organise events, there’s usually a lot riding on their success. Sometimes, they’re grand affairs. Other times they’re more nuanced intimate occasions. But always, they’re all about the details. The tone, tempo and timing of the program are critical.

And so is your choice of emcee.

An emcee who is in charge.

For years , the world’s leading companies like Apple, IBM, and J P Morgan have chosen myself – a Singapore-based international emcee with 25 years of professional experience as their show host. I have helped all kinds of clients put their best foot forward. I am that emcee that everyone knows they can rely on to make an impression without going overboard.

I have had the pleasure of being the master of ceremonies for hundreds on behalf of multi-national corporations, non-profit organisations and government agencies who have engaged me to host their events – because they can RELY on me to steer their events to a rousing success.

An emcee who thinks on his feet.

Some of my clients have described what I do as “an amazing combination of personality and presence of mind” that ensures that the events I host not only run like clockwork, but are also memorable. My years of experience as a media professional adds yet another dimension to my offering as an emcee – I am one of the few in the business who is always mindful of putting the client’s interests first.

My ability to understand why clients run events, is why so many keep coming back. Whether it’s a corporate launch, a formal awards ceremony or a convention, I will make this guarantee to you – a show with Joe is always on message, on time and on target.

Once again, thank you for visiting my page. If there’s anything more I can help you with please feel free to make contact via my contact form.